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I’m Milica and I’ve provided high-end and hi-tech B2B translations from English into Serbian since 2006.

“Milica Stamenković is a fully professional, top-notch linguist."

K.K. Vendor manager, Slovenia

“Milica is a fantastic, diligent Translator; a pleasure to cooperate with."

S.P. Business owner, UK

Let’s talk about you...

Are you a software, tech, automotive or MedTech company, who believes in your amazing product?

Let’s face it, your best people have put countless hours of hard work into it, and your tech writers, compliance officers and marketing department made the accompanying material shine.

You have already conquered the largest markets, and now it’s time for smaller ones: the time has come to break through, expand, or export into the Serbian market. Or maybe this is the first time taking your business abroad?

But then you think to yourself… how do I approach a Serbian-speaking audience? I know nothing about them!

Do. Not. Panic. As an established and experienced translator, I can be your guide and a reliable partner for Serbian language services and take that weight off your shoulders, so that you can focus on your core work.

I promise I will:

listen to you,
take into account your needs from all ends of the spectrum,
dedicate plenty of time to our project,
keep all your files strictly confidential,
provide true craft of invisible translation: the one that always reads as if it was written in target language, preserving the logic and style of the original,
all the while adapting it to the nuances and specificities of your Serbian audience.

So that you can:

increase brand awareness,
offer your software, app, or website in Serbian markets, 
sell more licenses, grow your list of paying subscribers or get more downloads,
provide your user base with a smooth user experience,
launch upgrades in a timely manner, 
ensure EULA and SLA agreements are read as intended,
effectively advertize your tech and automotive products to potential buyers,
upsell and cross-sell spare parts, 
equip partners, distributors, importers, and sales reps with everything they need to target potential buyers,
provide users with accurate instructions for use,
localize user interface,
ensure warranties are not misunderstood, 
support existing customers,
fulfil your legal language requirements for sales,
train your authorized service personnel,
export your healthcare products on the Serbian market, 
win a tender, 
instruct healthcare professionals in the proper use of your MedTech products,
ensure patient safety and comply with the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia regulations, and
live up to your reputation.

How I can help:

Testing and bug-fixing
Language consultancy
Project planning

In those specializations:

Information technology

Technical and engineering

Medical technology and life science

Including tech related:

Intellectual protection
Corporate comms and e‑learning


International development
NGO affairs
Humanitarian law

“We’ve been working with Milica for some years now and I’m happy to say she adds great value to our English>Serbian translations. She’s very responsive and willing to help us at any time. I believe anyone would be lucky to have her in their team, as she always delivers high-quality translations in time.”

M.C.G. SaaS software translations lead, Spain

Number crunch:

years of full-time experience
hours of review and QA
great brands like you
words translated

What others say

“I am attaching the feedback: An excellent translation overall, great knowledge of pharmaceutical industry terminology; it also has natural flow for a typical medical text in Serbian.”

D.T. Program manager, Norway

“I would also like to let you know about the feedback we received from your reviewer, kudos to you: Assignments like this one are the reason why I love this job. I absolutely enjoyed proofreading this file because it was completed by a very talented and competent translator.”

C.M. Project manager, Argentina

“I am delighted to let you know that we have now received excellent feedback from our assessor! The assessor commented that your test piece was almost perfect.”

H.B. Vendor controller, UK

“You certainly have an eye for detail!”

R.L. Senior project manager, Belgium

“Milica is a professional, dedicated and highly experienced translator and localization expert. We have been working together on various English-Serbian localization projects for major IT, medical, and technical companies. She has great attention to detail and can be trusted with the most complex language tasks.”

A.A. Communications advisor, Australia

“Great professional. Always on time, and excellent in understanding and following instructions.”

M.T. Business owner, Serbia

“Your super service is much appreciated. Thank you.”

D.D. Business owner, Switzerland

“In a program in which things constantly change with deadlines and scope shifts, Milica always maintains a high-level of professionalism, flexibility, and a positive attitude.”

B.T. Senior project manager, USA