How it’s made & FAQ

The Process

Every job, no matter how big or small, involves four main stages:

Stage 1 - Project specification.

We will discuss and determine both technical and functional aspects of the job: is the original format already editable, the final format, possible DTP/UI issues, preferred alphabet (you can choose Cyrillic or Latin, or even both!), target audience and demography and general tone of voice, but above all, what do you want to achieve with the translated text.

Stage 2 - Translation

First reading of the source text. If there are any queries, I will send them at this stage. I will pull out, double check, and prepare terminology and start the translation using the most appropriate tool to ensure consistency and maintain the original formatting.

Stage 3 - Quality check.

A quick automatic quality and spelling check. Editing and proofing (that can be done by a subject matter expert if needed). Changes are applied along with final formatting. After that, I will leave your text to ‘cool off’ and come back to it after a while. Includes detailed quality assurance and final reading.

Stage 4 – Delivery.

After delivery, you can send me any comments or questions you might have. If there are any amendments, these will be applied at this stage, and you will get a final version. Your translated material is ready to go live, get posted online or printed!


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Why hire a professional translator? + -

To achieve your goals among your local clients, users, customers, colleagues, and employees, communicate like a professional. This will help you win their hearts and minds, boost your image, and elevate your overall business success. It will also save you time and money in the long run. More than 50% of consumers say that the ability to get product information in their language matters more than price (Common Sense Advisory, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy:  Why Language Matters on Global Websites, 2014).

Why hire a human translator with so many cheap or free machine translation options? + -

I have to say that I am enthusiastic about every tech development that makes people’s lives easier. Machine translation has its place when one only needs a rough idea of what the text is about. However, it is not suitable for professional use (yet). Consider this: if it sounds like a machine, then it probably is a machine. At the same time, people still buy from people.

Why hire a specialized translator? + -

Simply put, it makes no sense to invest in any service on a professional level if the result will be mediocre, irrelevant for your audience, or even worse, cause financial or reputational trouble. That is why the best translators out there only work in a couple of areas they know exceptionally well. Hiring a specialized translator and a layer of specialist review will ensure unparalleled results every time.

How much does it cost? + -

The cost depends on a number of factors: the complexity of the text, its length, the time it takes to finish and the time it takes to format and QA. Rush jobs or weekend work will cost more. I encourage you to contact me with relevant information, and I will provide my quote asap.

How long does it take? + -

You should count 2000-2500 words per day approximately. I take my time to work on your project and do not rush. If you are unable to count the words, send me your material and I will do it for you for free.

We are on a budget. How can we get a lower offer? + -

The price will be lower if I get final version of the text, have a generous deadline, and can work on an already editable file format. For example, a document prepared in text editor takes less time than a photo of a document in JPEG format. Or, if it is a website, it will take less effort on my end if I do not have to extract the strings myself. Let’s discuss your project and I can advise you on how to decrease costs if it is possible.

What file formats do you accept? + -

I accept a wide variety of formats. Please check here and here and if your format is not listed, that is not the end. Please send it over for evaluation and I will be able to advise.

Do you translate from Serbian into English? + -

No. I only work in my mother tongue. That way I can ensure the highest standard of service and express every little nuance, both linguistic and cultural. If you need someone for this direction whose native language is English, I might be able to direct you to them. Please send me a message and include the variation of English you need.

Could you cover Bosnian, Croatian or Montenegrin for us? + -

No. These languages are very similar indeed, but that is a mixed blessing. The variants are so close, that it is all about tiny details that tend to be easily overlooked. I strongly recommend hiring a linguist whose native tongue matches that of your audience. If you need someone whose native language is Croatian, I might be able to direct you to them.

Which translation software do you use and what for? + -

I work with pretty much every translation software you can think of. My main working tools are SDL Trados, MemoQ, Wordfast and MadCap Lingo, but I also use QA tools and OCR tools. These tools will help with the impeccable consistency and formatting of your text. I never use machine translation engines and my translations are 100% human!

What about the four-eye principle? + -

I will read your text as many times as it takes to ensure the highest quality. However, if you want, a trusted colleague could provide separate revision. Furthermore, at your request, a trusted subject matter expert could also check my work. This service is optional, and you can order it on top of the basic translation service. In such cases, a separate NDA agreement will be signed with them to ensure confidentiality. The only service where my quote involves a second pair of eyes by default is subtitling. In that case, a quality check is done by a subtitling specialist with over 20 years in subtitling only. The results are superb every time!

“We appreciate Milica’s good work very much and would definitely recommend her as a top professional and accurate translator to everyone who needs good quality translations.”

K.K. Vendor manager, Slovenia