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I offer a wide array of language services and a plethora of latest tools to accommodate the needs of innovative sectors. Check them out!

Written Translation Services


English – Serbian

Your material will be smoothly translated into Serbian, that is, transferred into another language with the goal of preserving your message and tone of voice as much as possible without sacrificing fluency.

It is suitable for manuals, instructions for use and many other documents where precision and factuality matter more than style.


English – Serbian

Localization is a process of additional content adaptation for the local market taking into account cultural nuances and characteristics of the target market. It is suitable for software, apps, websites and all those places where you need to build a connection with your readers. For example, for you, fuel efficiency might come in miles per gallon, and for them in litres per 100 kilometres. Your patient facing surveys may assume that dinner happens around 6PM, and for them, it might be as late as 22:00. Or maybe they don’t buy presents for the same holidays as you.

Localization helps in avoiding these misunderstandings.


English – Serbian

Transcreation is the queen of creative adaptation – it’s translation with a sparkle of copywriting. This service involves a more creative approach where a transcreator adapts the meaning of the text, or the intended feelings, but uses different words and wordplay characteristics of the target audience. It is best suited for highly visible marketing messages like slogans and calls-to-action that need to resonate with your Serbian audience.


English – Serbian
Serbian – Serbian

Translation of audio-visual material with or without a dialogue list. It is suitable for seminar recordings, e-learning courses, instructional videos, etc.

Backward/forward translation

English <> Serbian

Literal translation intended for linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing; steps typically involved in clinical research, but also useful in various tests and surveys.

Written Translation Checking


English - Serbian

Editing of your already translated material involves comparing the original and new translation. It can also include more comprehensive services, such as quality assurance, testing, or language sign-off.


Serbian only

Proofreading is the double-checking of translated material. This is a monolingual review, and it doesn’t involve testing, bug-fixing, LQA and LSO.

Testing and bug-fixing

English – Serbian or Serbian only

Once your app, website, SaaS, or standalone software gets translated, build testing and bug-fixing are there to ensure that there are no issues in rendering and functionality: references to UI items match actual UI, links work, placeholders fit well into the surrounding text, there are no truncations and so on.


English – Serbian

Linguistic quality assurance is a process where quality is measured against a set of definite criteria in order to get an objective score that will exclude preferences. Language sign-off is the last detailed checking that comes after DTP and before publishing: layout, references, indices, page numbers, etc. If you don’t have a multilingual DTP provider, I can help with finding a reliable partner.

Additional Services

Language consultancy

To translate or not to translate? If you do, which alphabet to use? How to tailor the register and tone of voice? How to approach many similar languages in Southeast Europe? Which tool is the most suitable for your content? I can advise you on each one of these questions in relation to the specific project context.

Let’s discuss them together before the project kicks off!

Project planning

A project that is not set up properly will show weaknesses at a later stage, when fixing them requires more time and money.

Some deadlines are too tight. Some budgets are too optimistic. Do you have a large project that calls for a glossary or style guide? Or additional linguists? I have been an in-house translator for almost a decade, worked with dozens of colleagues and assessed numerous tests by prospective translators, so I know exactly whom we can trust and for what. If you have a very large project, please get in touch. We will get it right the first time and from the very beginning.

Contact me for project evaluation to optimize your time and resources.